Thursday, April 15, 2010


Sorry to have neglected you.
I have been busy... and other poor excuses.

Pieces I plan to post on soon-ish

1) Spring Break
2) Computer
3) Big Bear
4) Preaching in class (Mark 3)
5) San Diego
6) Quinoa-Chard Pilaf and Honey Cumin Chicken
7) My summer trip to Italy (Rome/Orvieto) and Albania (Tirana, etc.)... 33 days of travel in Europe, holler!

If you do read this (yes I know there are a few of you, like 2 or 3 when you have watched all new episodes of Lost, the Office, 30 Rock etc... and are tired of seeing the same updates on facebook... occasionally you take a gander over here) Thank you.

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