Friday, April 30, 2010

The Huntington

Hello Friends,
Today I was invited to visit the Huntington with a dear friend, Holly. We were able to traverse from Desert to the Zen gardens in one afternoon! (And get some homework done at the same time!)
We were amazed by the blossoms, sizes, shapes, colors, shades, width, height and breadth of the plants we saw! I decided to finally splurge and buy my own membership so I can bring you, my friends, and my grandfather and share this wonderful experience with me.

My two favorite things were the Koi ponds and the Rose Gardens. Just amazing, beautiful. My favorite roses, I do not know the name, but they were triple blossom roses: deep purple, between maroon and fuschia and they had an incredible scent! Most of the time when you have triple blossom you loose a lot of the rose-perfume. Not in this case :)
And the Koi are just awesome. There was one with really long, flowing fins. It was mostly the golden-orange color with some black and white scales. Very beautiful, like a peacock of the pond.

Well, thanks for sharing this vicariously with me. Maybe soon you can join me to experience it yourself.


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