Saturday, July 3, 2010

Italia 1

Hello Friends, Ciao.
I am writing from the beautiful, ancient, eternal, bright, and humid city of Rome, Italy.
The next dozen or so posts will be totally out of order, just a stream of consciousness, but they will capture the amazing moments and memories I have made here in Italy.

Tonight, I took the train from Orvieto (which will be featured much more later), to Rome. I had to get 8 blocks from the train station to my hotel, and try and return a laptop cable to another student. Everything worked out and happened, almost magically, in 4 hours. I still can't believe I was directed to walk left, not right, and I only asked for directions 1 time!
Seriously, if you don't know how directionally challenged I can be you'd be IMPRESSED. I am.

The hotel here is beautiful, I'll post pictures later (for now I just need sleep... and to put my tired swollen feet up!).

What a beautiful city, and thank you God for protecting me and keeping me safe in my crazy travels.

Tomorrow, the Vatacan and a moment with the Pope. (I told grandpa I'd say hello for him, and maybe light a candle for him... maybe I'll just send him a postcard). I miss him.

Ciao bella,


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