Thursday, July 8, 2010

What first?

I can hardly think of what to post first.
Right now I'm missing Orvieto a bit, and the wonderful students and professors I studied with so I will take a moment to touch on that.
For two weeks in Orvieto, Italy (a quaint little town built hundreds of years ago on top of a bute), we stayed at San Paolo Monastery. Each morning we would gather for lecture, and a few days we shook it up and traveled. Our lectures were mostly composed of Theological and Art History regarding the art works of Bernini, Giotto and ministries of St. Catherine, St. Claire, St. Francis and many more. I won't bore you with all the details, but I will post a handful of pictures and share a poem I wrote.

Here are some pictures from around town in Orvieto and the Duomo there. I really found the front of the Duomo fascinating because even before you entered the dorms of this ancient cathedral you were walked through the entire history of man, the gospel messages, the passion of christ and final judgement. The front of the Duomo is a compilation of a couple different centuries and represents a vast array of theological ideas.

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