Saturday, March 6, 2010


Forgive me Father for I have sinned. I have sinned against you and against my neighbor.
In this season of Lent the Church has adopted a tradition of waiting, preparing, suffering... I prefer to call it consciousness. Often times people give up a luxury or an indulgence (not the medieval practice of paying for the forgiveness of sins).

I chose coffee. Last year I gave up coffee as well and made it through the 40 day stretch.
This year, not so successful. I caved in.
Now, on the contrary to some this was a premeditated "sin." It was not an "impulse buy" or a "social-slip." I knew I was going to wake up this morning, brew a pot of coffee and sip that delicious nectar as I read Breuggemann and finished an assignment. It is raining outside and I just needed a little extra motivation.

Now if it were only easier to do this confession thing when it really counts.


Holy Lands 2009 said...

Coffee wouldn't of been my choice while reading Breuggemann. ;D

jlynnowetu said...

Now the question is... do I just give up and say "it's finals and that's more important to Jesus than my coffee-habits." Or do I wash my hands, say I'm sorry and move forward with new-found-resolution...
I think it depends on how quickly these paper seem to be developing.

Why does lent have to end right after finals?

Eugene said...

Or do you add something to your life that will only add to your journey to the cross???