Sunday, March 14, 2010


So my friends were planning a pre-wedding celebration for Brian and Ally before they go get hitched in Birmingham! Congrats you two :)
We planned to have lunch together, Greek-style (Brian and Ally met in Greek class in undergrad, precious). I said I'd bring dessert so I decided to try making Baklava...
Then I got sick... it's finals week... I don't want to get them sick so here I have Baklava and no party people to share it with.
Can you tell I'm tired of being sequestered in my apartment all by myself, this is just cruel and unusual punishment for an extrovert. (And it is certainly not making me more productive on my finals work).

note to self: more filo-dough on the bottom, maybe just more filo-dough in general... And maybe some honey with the walnuts to keep it sticky together... we'll have to work on this one again to get it right.


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