Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monrovia Falls (Outing #4)

Monday 2/15 we went on a "day hike" up to the Monrovia Falls.

The hike was beautiful, there were many more trees than I anticipated which was an absolute treat. And the brush was actually green due to the rain we have received the last month.
My friends Michael and Brian were my guides (they are much more experienced and in much better shape for this stuff). At one point Michael said "I had no idea California (southern) had anything like this." Yes, Michael it's true. Don't worry I'll only share with my blog-friends and we'll keep your secret quiet.

The fall was nice, about 40 feet tall and we were joined by about 40 kids of all ages with their parents and guardians. We stopped to catch our (read-my) breath and have some fruit, enjoy the view and soak up a little sun. Surprisingly in the middle of February it was 75* or so (well maybe that's not so surprising, CA).

Reflections: I am not in as good of shape as I believe I convinced the guys I was (oh pride!). My buttocks is still sore (more my hips), and my knee got tweaked when we were taking our "Tai-Cheese" photo (imitating in a very elementary-school fashion a woman who was actually there doing Tai-Chi). She, our sensai, is featured in the background of our "Waterfall surfing" picture and we tried out some of her mooves in "Tai-Cheese."

I do enjoy getting out and hiking but this was another reminder that I can't sit on my (young-ish but ever-aging) buttocks and think I can run up a mountain with no problem. This is a bit of a conundrum... simple answer that is difficult to actualize. One day at a time.

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