Saturday, February 13, 2010

lament in worship

"The person who hears your lament and far more bears your lament against them, paradoxically, is someone you deeply, wildly trust. It is the paradox that opens the heart to unfathomable rest. To sing a lament against God in worship reveals far, far greater trust than to sing a jingle about how happy we are and how much we trust him. That kind of song is much like the smiling salesman who meets you with a "Hey, how are ya. You're looking good today; how can I help ya." Lament cuts through insincerity, strips pretense, and reveals the raw nerve of trust that angrily approaches the throne of grace and then kneels in awed, robust wonder."

Dan Allender "The Hidden Hope in Lament" Copyright © 1994 Mars Hill Review 1 Founded in 1994 · Premier Issue: pgs 25-38.

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Danniebelle said...

Really interesting. I never thought of this.