Sunday, October 5, 2008

An eventful weekend

So things were already looking up Friday after class. I had a Hawaiian BBQ, music and a Roof Top Party to attend! Seriously this was probably the most eventful weekend since, well… I can’t really remember. After we ate and sang some songs, we packed up and hiked across the street to the Pasadena Museum of California Art Roof Top Party, hosted by Fuller’s own Brehm Center. The only bummer was, Melanie discovered I can actually dance (nothin fancy, but I can keep beet). The cat is out of the bag and I have no more excuses. No worries, I think I’ll still survive and I hope my secret is safe with her.

Then Saturday morning rolls around--grey and wet. I LOVE it when it rains! The first hint of fall, of weather, of seasons here in Southern California. I get to pull out my sweaters, socks and boots. What more could I ask for?

Little did I know my day was going to get exponentially more fantabulous until I got the call from Nicole. She asked me how much I loved her and I knew. I knew she would come through for me. I knew she loved me enough to hook me up with an extra ticket to the Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova and Iron and Wine show that night!!! Have I died and gone to heaven??? (not yet, the concert hadn’t started).

So I was giddy the whole day, I could hardly get any work done, we were going to go see one of the greatest shows I could hope to see. (And for free, might I add. Thanks WaMu, just tag my concert ticket right on to the tab of the Bailout plan… that’s a whole other story).

We drove up into the hills of Hollywood, and stood outside the Theatre waiting to grab our seats, second row from the back. You bet, I roll in style. Iron and Wine were amazing—who knew such passion and depth could come from a guitar, a piano and an accordion. I was blown away. Their music is new to me but I’ve come to really like woman king, it speaks to the feminist in me. But my favorite part is that she is depicted as a hand-to-hand combat warrior, “sword in hand swing at some evil and bleed.”


Then Glen and Marketa came out with their band and just took us all by the seat of our pants and rocked! Not only did they do some of their own exceptional tunes they did everything! They left us silent and made us want to scream. Glen unplugged his guitar and walked up front on the stage and said “I think I’m going to try this one without the speakers.” He strummed the first chords and the crowd cheered but only for a second because we didn’t want to miss a word … “I’m scratching at the surface now…” We could hear him clear as day, unplugged, all the way up into the nosebleed section! “This is what you’ve waited for, your chance to even up the score… …” One of the most powerful performances I have experienced.

I have to add some of the most amazing surprises like Robert Sherman (who wrote and performed for us supercalifragilisticexpialidocious) and John Carney (writer/director of Once).
Really this show was beyond all my expectations!

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