Sunday, November 9, 2008


I remember being a kid and taking the things I learned in school and bringing them home. One of which was my early fear of alcohol... why? I have NO idea. The teachers and administrators just made it sound really scary at school when I was six and seven years old. So my dad started drinking his one glass of wine in a plastic tupperware cup so we didn't realize it was alcohol.

Then when I got a little bit older I realized my mom drank like two to three cups of coffee a day! I thought that was outrageous and it probably was bad for her health. So we (maybe just me) convinced her one year to wean down to one cup of coffee a day for lent, and the following year she had to go without. Kids are powerful! Not to mention what the heck did I think about lent?

Today I got a headache. It's not a severe problem. It doesn't keep me from doing my homework, Facebook and blogging do that. But it serves as a painful reminder that some day I'm going to have to give up my caffeinated beverages. My parents were so good about this stuff, they really cared about our feelings and conscience. I don't know if I can be that selfless, especially for something so silly and little. Sure, sure if I really wanted to give it up I could and it would take a week or two to adjust back to normal levels of energy and endorphins without my capillaries freaking out because my blood just isn't as thin as it used to be.

So for now I'm drinking some green tea and praying that my head will feel better so I can actually have a good nights sleep. I think I've tried to convince myself to stop drinking caffeine over a dozen times. I'm almost out of coffee here at home, and I may just take it as a vow of poverty to not buy another bag of beans. "And isn't it ironic, don't you think?"

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