Sunday, October 5, 2008

Double Dose of Jesus

So today I was helping with the service at Fuente de Vida, the spanish speaking Church I will be at for the next nine months. I was told I would lead the "Oracion del Senor" "The Lord's Prayer." Okay, I'll just read through it a number of times to make sure i don't totally butcher some of the words.

So this morning, I was given a stole--blue and stiff, hand made by some people Ruben knows in Mexico. That was a first in my life, I'm not quite sure of their significance, but I'll keep looking into that. We walked to the front and stood behind the table, again not a position I'm used to. Pastor Esponda told of the significance of taking communion with the people of God, read scripture and blessed the elements.

I led in the prayer, that everyone else knew and said more quickly than I did so I giggled and kept going as well as I could, then Pastor asked me to say "the bread is the body of Christ and the wine/juice is the blood of Christ, or something like that" so I stumbled through "Something like that in english" and we stood there while everyone took their part. I hadn't noticed that we were going to all eat/drink together at the end, so as everyone was watching I took my piece ate/drank quickly and offered the plate to the deacon beside me who was surprised by my manners but didnt' say anything because i quickly realized I had done that one wrong. Pastor came to my rescue and offered me another piece of bread and we at together. I guess I just really got the real presence of Jesus today.

We have finally gotten past the "mucho gusto" part and moved into the "conjuntos" part. We're together in this and I have to wade through the next three months in order to get to know them and they me. Even when I take more Jesus than was allotted.

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