Friday, August 8, 2008

Urban Plunge

This week we spent a handful of hours each day reaching out of our cozy little lives and into the community.
Thanks GSPC for sponsoring and having the vision to allow us to explore in these ways.
For teaching us to never stop asking why?
Why do people end up on the street?
Why do beaches get so dirty?
Why does it smell?
Why does the Church do stuff like this?
Why haven't I seen this before, or heard of this before?
Why, why, why, why, why?

Thanks for the hands who worked hard, played hard and came together.
Each day we met at Church, had some discussion, prayed and put our hands together and cheered for whatever was before us. Stellar.

Without the help of each one of you students, leaders and community organizations there would be a lot more hurt.
The pain, hunger, disconnection, stares, judgment, fear and hopelessness will never go away.
I am always grateful for times like this to continually look back on and look forward to.
I have been given so much, how could I forget to give it back in return.

Matt 25:40
"For whatever you did to the least of these, you did to me."

It never ceases to confound me that sorting through shoes, vacuuming, making soup, setting a table, and picking up trash at the beach is serving Jesus. Jesus, as fully God, needs nothing (especially from us!). But somehow takes on the needs, the sins, the concerns and the desires of the world. And miraculously by doing what Jesus did we continue his ministry and continue to share. Who am I?


In class, play and work I have been humbled, that's a good week.

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