Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I have two and a half papers to write but instead I went to the gym, washed my car (kinda--the windows), watered the plants and then wrote a song.

It started out with a little chord progression that I liked
Then some silly words that rhymed
I wrote it down and kept going...

It is very simple, but I think it's pretty good for my first complete song.
My thanks go out to all who keep nudging me to keep at this, to have fun and enjoy it.
The recording is pretty weak (sorry garageband) but its good to have something permanent down.

If you were wondering, here's the lyrics. They're simple, because the truth is our feelings and needs don't have to be complicated.

You walked into my life
Caught my wandering eye
Saw the beauty
We walked together
Through rainy weather
I lost you somewhere...

Break through the darkness
Step into tomorrow
Who knows what
Will come next
Take on each new day
Yesterday will fade away
I'll never be the same

The sun is shinin
The trees are smilin
Take me back
To where we met
The birds are flyin
The streets are cryin
My heart is dying
Can't run away from this regret

Okay, now I really have to write these papers!! Yikes :)

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