Monday, August 4, 2008

Lighten Up

After looking at my last few posts I think I need to chill out a little bit.
Smell the roses, bask in the sun... you know lighten up.

So here are a few thoughts so you don't worry about my well-being or psychological stability.

In light of this, I think I'll reply to the "that's another blog for another time" comment made:

Senior year of high school I was involved with the Christian Club at Los Alamitos High. I don't keep it a secret that I have been called to ministry, but I don't think the world would be better off ruled solely by women. So the leaders of the Christian Club and I got together and we all agreed to find some people who would be interested in coming to our meeting and teach. I don't really remember the days or weeks in-between. But somehow I got in a one-on-one Church-off with a freshman who thought he knew a lot. He is a very devout man of faith. He takes his faith, relationship with God and relationships with other people very seriously... He thought he needed to make it clear that "I permit no woman to have authority..." (1Tim2:10)
The funny thing is that at that point in my life I had no idea people actually thought women should not serve as leaders and pastors in the Church. I got defensive and said, "what does that have to do with inviting my youth director to teach" (who actually was male, although this young man assumed I wanted to bring in a woman)?
His response: "You're just a charismatic, experiential feminist." So there!

Feminist--yes, in a moderate social sense of the term. I believe man and woman were created beautifully equal and unique. And I believe the commissioning Jesus gave to the disciples is for every follower of Christ. I believe that any structure set up to protect, teach and care for any group of men and women can only begin to function well with a balanced representation of both men and women at the helm.

Charismatic--I believe in the Holy Spirit. I believe there are times where the Spirit given by Jesus Christ meets us in the broken, lost, angry, wordless and void places we run into in life. As revealed by the Word of God.

Experiential--I have faith and hope because I have experienced the real presence of Jesus Christ in my life. As revealed by the Word of God.

(I know, how very Presbyterian of me, get over it--I had to a long time ago).

But the implication that I was a crazy woman who made decisions based solely on feelings is FAR from anything I am. Please, ask my mom, my sister, any of my friends, any of the guys I've dated, ANYONE... really.

I hope that I can actually become more Charismatic and Experiential in my life. I hope that I can grow to trust God and people more, and follow the possibilities ahead. I hope that I can feel more free to worship and adore my creator through different styles of expression and creativity. I hope that the Lord continues to reveal grace, truth, kindness, mercy, love and generosity to me so that I might know my Creator more intimately.

Just a few thoughts.

Love you all!

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