Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Yesterday I washed my car...not the outside, but the inside upholstery. That felt good.
Today I continue by cleaning the house. First you sweep, then shove all the furniture into the smallest amount of space so that you can vacuum the most floorspace. Mopped the kitchen and bathroom...and on and on. Grout might be one of my favorite parts...from grunge to white with a little bit of bleach and elbow grease.
I also did some gardening...uprooted a bunch of weeds and potted my roses because the gardeners keep weed-waking-decapitating them.

Spring cleaning definitely includes these kind of chores, sometimes a garage sale is the grand finale. Sometimes it's enough to know you can eat off the floors.

But my spring cleaning will not result in a garage sale, I'll actually be losing some money in the end...I'm quitting my job at Bean Town. I love Bean Town, I really respect the owner, and I think some of the employees are wonderful. Last week was the first week I thought of quitting and through an inventory since then I have found that the things that make my time there difficult to intolerable I just can't change. So the only option is for me to leave.

So, so-long Bean Town. I will visit you. I haven't gone far, I'm just doing what I have to do.

Don't be forlorn...this is hardly the end of the story!

Things that I will have freedom to do since I no longer work at BTUSA
1) Music: I will have more free time to practice, and (maybe) write.
2) Gym: I know I hate exercising but I also know it's good for me. Maybe this will help motivate me (no more excuses).
3) Homework: Surprise, surprise...yeah I know it's not my forte but there's a chance I'll be less stressed by work and I'll have free time to read.

Cheers to Bean Town
Best wishes to you my friends
Call me if you need me

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