Wednesday, April 2, 2008


So my tire went flat last night driving home on the 57 from having dinner with my sister, Justice. Today I had it replaced along with an oil change.

My favorite part was the walk.

I walked from the auto shop to school and back. Colorado Blvd is not a new route for me to take, however I'm usually not on foot. I'm usually closed into my little Corolla, Myrtle. We'll listen to the radio or whatever CD I have in the player. Most of the time I sing along and take in what's around me. The problem with this is that I can't hear anything outside her aerodynamic walls. I am completely isolated from the world around me (less a California-friendly honk to keep things moving along).

Today's most notable observations were the number of languages I encountered. Five, yes, that's correct. Five different languages in the span of about one hour! Isn't that amazing? Two girls talking together outside PCC, a guy on his cell phone walking behind me from the Fuller Coffee shop, the owner of Tops speaking to a couple of guys on the patio, two gentlemen holding a conversation at a stop light and all us English-speaking people. Really, spanning from English speakers to the Middle-East, Central and South America across the Pacific to Asia.

I traveled the world, and only went about 3 miles.

What a wonderful day.

Now I am going to get really crazy and do my greek homework.

And if I go to Bean Town I will probably run into Harry and Sarkis who are from Lebanon.

I really like living in Southern California! What a blessing.

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