Thursday, February 3, 2011

Horizons and Hovering

I am excellent at imagining, "what if." When I graduate, what if I work here, there or what if I don't get a job. What if I'm in a relationship, what if I'm not, what if I get sick, what if I win the lottery, what if... I often joke that I could solve the worlds problems with all of this pondering. So, I find myself at a season of change, a time of transition, looking out on the horizon... do I see clear blue skies or dirty, vague LA smog?
Over the past six-eight months I have sensed, and believe a semi-dramatic change in call. I am still pursuing ordination, and am deeply committed to the life and health of the local church, though my primary vocational call has changed to hospital work as a chaplain. In so many ways this is a "duh" moment because when my family asked what my "backup plan" was from pastoral ministry it was medicine. I have always been fascinated by medicine, comfortable in medical facilities and held great respect for the medical profession. After many years of becoming frustrated and unsettled with parish ministry positions I was delighted to find great freedom, affirmation and renewed excitement for ministry in the medical field.
So here I am, four months from graduating and seven applications in the mail. I have one interview scheduled and hope to hear from more soon. I know what I would love as the "perfect" setup, but I also know that plans do not usually end up as imagined. So here I hoover, suspended in time waiting for the future to become more clear. I pray and hope for wisdom, companionship and guidance on the journey there.
Just a little update on my life. Graduation is June 11, 2011. I will keep you posted with any other interesting information.


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