Sunday, May 11, 2008


The number seven is my favorite number.  I was born on the 7th of January, the same day as my grandmother.  There are seven days in a week--biblical completion.  Seven years old seemed to be a pretty amazing age.  

Today we begin week Seven of the third quarter of my studies at Fuller.  

Somehow the seventh week lacks the same grandeur the other 7's possess.  

Some things to brighten the week: 
        Mother's Day :)  Mom's rock!
Tammy's Birthday and consequential Celebratory Activities
        My midterms will be over (after Monday at 5)
The list of things to do is slowly getting done

But now I have to get back to studying for Pentateuch.

Funny thing I did this weekend: I left my Genesis book at Amanda's, then she brought it to me at the Corner Bakery where I left it after meeting with Erica.  I think I secretly was totally through with that one.  Sad story, eh?

Happy Mother's Day :)

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