Monday, May 16, 2011


A poem/song that has taken me over five years to find and finally express.

I loved how much you cared for me
Seeing things I could not see
Something different, something strange;
magnetic like but not the same
Sharing stories beside the sea
Your gentle smile washed over me
I never thought we’d say goodbye
Like a summer day with clear blue sky

Then came the day, in early spring
A call, some news, that angels sing
My ears went deaf, my gaze grew weak,
felt a sense of guilt, not peace
Back to life, I could not bring
I locked you up inside a ring
Teach me now, to say goodbye
For what I hear is just a lie

I am sad your days, they now are o’er
But each new day I see there’s more
No longer past but present too,
finding a way to remember you
You taught me love, you gave me grace
Keeping that in each new place
I’m ready now to say goodbye
To count the loss of one who died

Letting go of you, holding on to something new

(For Chace Ridder)

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