Friday, August 14, 2009

Vacation in Evergreen, CO

Just a few thoughts from my stay in Evergreen

Nestled under sheets, wool blankets, and hand made quilts I lay awake
Listening to the river rush beside this old cabin
The river sounds like rain to me, my ears are too accustomed to the highway hum
Paper thin antique curtains of lace blow with the wind
It is cold outside, but I leave the window open to hear the river roll over the rocks

Lazy mornings begin with a smile, some hot coffee and fresh fruit
No one knows the time for the day awaits our curiosity
A walk around the lake, a stroll through town
Just past the high school we greet the mountainside with tennish shoes and water bottles
To be accompanied by thunder and lightning that rumble from behind the mountain top

We can pile into the MiniVan, Nina we call her endearingly
She takes us into town, down the highway and toward buildings taller than the trees
Meeting and greeting old and new friends soften the blunt edges and heat of the paved city
Nothing brings these big kids together more than baseball, go Rockies
It makes no difference to me who is on the field I come for the company

Late nights and later mornings, comfort food and slippers
Glad eyes, kind smiles and the smell of fresh rain on the pines
Mom always said warm hands make a warm heart; she always knows best
Some time away is good to reconnect with all that is living
It is nice to know these trees and friends will be with us to the end

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Mel said...

Sounds like you had a nice, relaxing time. Hope you got some rest between the studying.