Saturday, July 25, 2009

People Watching

So over the past few days I have encountered some very entertaining people-watching experiences.
People-watching does happen to be one of my favorite things to do, it makes me laugh and keeps me humble!

Wednesday: In class while the professor was responding to a "group presentation" question one of the presenters got bored and started playing "minesweeper" on his computer, while it was still connected to the projector... half the class was trying not to laugh b/c he kept playing and playing... did I mention this class is Presbyterian Polity?

Thursday: Brazilian Carnival dancers with jeweled bikini--but less than bikini--outfits and huge headdresses... For some reason I wish I had just a touch of their self-assuredness.

Friday: 8year old dance-a-holic. We were at the Levitt Pavilion outdoor watching a Celtic-Salsa band play. Let me tell you Salsa music will never sound the same unless there are bagpipes and a banjo. Don't knock it 'till you've tried it. Our dancer friend loved to jump and twirl and definiteley knew when to pose for the audience to applaud!! Amazing :)

Saturday (Today): Afternoon Library Nappers... this is a good one. Slumped over in our blue-boxy-pleather sofa-chairs, sometimes with a book perched on a knee or across their chest. All in all this is a good one because they are 1) in an air conditioned room when it is 95 outside 2) perfectly peaceful b/c the library is quiet 3) could care less b/c everyone else wishes they could sleep like that or sleep at all instead of reading or doing homework on a SATURDAY!!

Not a bad week, I say.
Some people do photo-blogs... I think this might be a good theme for me: Adventures in people-watching.

we'll see if anything exciting happens in the next few days :)


Christina A. said... it. people watching is the BEST. :)

still on for Magnolia this Monday?

Sarah Marie said...

I like the idea, great observations--and your polity story cracked me up!